Tutorials IPTV Setup

Welcome to our IPTV setup tutorial ! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up your IPTV service on a variety of devices.
Whether you’re new to IPTV or just looking to improve your setup, this tutorial has everything you need to get started. So grab your device and let’s get started !

1. For “Samsung Smart TV“: Press the “Smart Hub” button from your remote and search for the “IPTV Smarters Pro” to install.

For “LG Smart TV“: Press the “Home button” on the remote & Go to LG Content Store and search for the “IPTV Smarters Pro” to install.

2. Launch the “IPTV Smarters Pro” Application.

3. Select the option “Add Your Playlist (via XC API)“.

4. Click on “ADD USER“.

5. Enter your received credentials provided by us (XTREAM Code: Username, Password, URL).

6. Click on “ADD USER” Button.

7. Click on the added user and enjoy watching IPTV with us.

1 – Open the app and press on “Media“.

2 –  Click on the “Open network stream“.
watch IPTV on VLC Media Player

3 –  Enter the M3U URL provided from us and press “Play“.
watch IPTV on VLC Media Player -2


4 – Now your playlist is loaded, Press the combination between CTRL+L to bring up the playlist.
 VLC Media Player - open m3u playlist


In this technological era, IPTV is a game changer in the streaming industry. It is quickly replacing the traditional TV box with its sophisticated features and compatibility. Unfortunately, IPTV Player apps are not available for PlayStation consoles like PS5. But you can access IPTV web players using the browser on PS5. Before doing so, make sure you get a subscription from a reliable IPTV provider.


To access the web browser on PS5, see the steps below.

[1] Turn on the PlayStation 5 and press the PlayStation button on the controller.

[2] Tap on the Game Base icon displayed at the bottom. Tap the Game Base icon on PS5

[3] Under Parties, select a friend and tap Messages.

[4] Tap Show Messages and enter the URL of any online IPTV player accessible via the web.

[5] After sending the website link, click on the link.

[6] You will now be taken to the IPTV Player website.

[7] Go to the URL box and enter the M3U playlist link offered by your IPTV service provider.

[8] Tap the Watch or Add button and wait for the IPTV content to load.

[9] Once loaded, enjoy streaming your favorite TV channels on your PS5-connected TV.



Since there are tons of IPTV players available online, it may be difficult for you to choose the best one among them.


Web IPTV Player:

The Web IPTV Player is a simple platform to stream both live TV and on-demand content by adding the M3U URL offered by your IPTV provider.

This IPTV web player is free. Just send the URL below to your friend in the Game Base section and tap the link to open the IPTV web player.

Using Web IPTV Player, you can also stream IPTV videos to PS4 consoles.

Website link: https://web.iptvplayers.com/


EPG support
Streaming in 4K quality
Dynamic language change for subtitles
Return to live option
Catch-up option


Smarter Web Reader

IPTV Smarters Web Player is an advanced IPTV player that supports adding M3U link. With this IPTV player, you can stream live TV channels on PS5 without any buffering or freezing issues. Send the link below to your friend to access IPTV Smarters web player.

Website Link: https://webtv.iptvsmarters.com


Support for EPGs.
VPN-enabled IPTV player.
New user interface design.
Picture-in-picture mode.
Parental control support.


Free IPTV Player

Free IPTV Player is one of the best free online IPTV players accessible via the web. With a stable internet connection, you can even stream 4K content to this player without any problems. By pasting any M3U URL or uploading M3U playlist file to this free platform, you can watch IPTV content from your IPTV provider.

Website Link: https://freeiptvplayer.com/

Features of Free IPTV Player :

Crystal clear videos.
Search for channels.
Volume control.
Casting support.

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for an LG Smart TV.

The Live TV Store IPTV service uses a media controller app called “Smart IPTV“, this app is free to use for a period of seven days, you will then be asked to make a one time donation of 5 tips towards the Smart IPTV app development. 

1. In order to check if your Smart TV is compatible with the Live TV Service, go to the Smart TV screen and search for the “Smart IPTV” app. If the app is not displayed on the main screen, you may have to search for it in “All Apps” or “Updates“.

2. Launch the “Smart IPTV” app.

3. Make a note of the “MAC Address” which is displayed on the screen.

4. Go to http://siptv.eu/mylist/ from any web browser.

5. Go to the section titled “Upload playlist (Files) or external playlist (URLs)” and enter your “MAC Address” and the “M3U URLprovided by us into the “URL” field.

6. Ensure the “countries ” dropdown selection on “Various“.

7. Use “Save onlineONLY if you have problems loading a playlist on your TV due to low memory.

8. Click onto the “Send” button.

9. Restart the “Smart IPTV” app.

VLC Media Player is a free player/recorder.

It is certainly the most popular and the best of all.
So if you are looking for a free media player to see what IPTV Link has to offer, go to VLC website and download the app for your computer (PC or Mac)

Once you are done with the installation, setting up an M3U list or an M3U auto-update list like the one offered by Spirale TV to watch channels is really easy

How to Watch IPTV on VLC

Now we want to add the link that Spirale TV provides you when you request your free trial or when you order your subscription.

In the left menu, click Media, then click Open Network Stream

Enter the link we sent you in the field below, Please enter the network URL. Then click play


By default, the page will start streaming the first channel in the list

You will now be taken to a list of all the channels offered through the Spirale TV subscription.
You can see from the list below that we have a wide range of international language channels (over 4,500). Select the channel you want to view and click on it to play it

That’s all you need to do. Your playlist is defined and you benefit from a wide variety of international channels and VODs (movies & series).

To ensure that your Playlist updates are not backed up, do not save them as a file. If you save the file as a playlist, no matter how many times you reload NOTHING will change.

Each time you want to watch with VLC, you will have to open a new empty VLC (no saved playlist), then load the line of subscription.

Optimizing your VLC installation for IPTV

Here are some tips on how to optimize your VLC setup for IPTV streaming:

– Open VLC player and select “Tools”
– At the bottom of the screen, click “All” to open all options for editing.

– Using the left panel that opens, find “Output stream” and increase the cache size of the stream output mux (ms) to 5000 (default 1500ms) this means we want to keep the cache of 5 seconds in advance. You can play with it until it meets your needs

Stop paying fortunes for cumulative subscriptions and opt for our quality offer at an affordable price.

1. Connection with Xtream Codes API

2. Enter your credentials

3. Tap on the created profile

4. Launch the EPG update (program grid)

To discover the rest…

Stop paying fortunes for cumulative subscriptions and opt for our quality offer at an affordable price.

  1. Open the TiviMate App.

ouvrir le lecteur tivimate iptv sur amazon firestick

2. Select Add Playlist

ajouter une liste de lecture m3u au lecteur tivimate iptv

3. TiviMate will ask you to add a playlist using M3U link, Xtream code or Stalker portal. Select the M3U playlist.

liste de lecture m3u pour tivimate

In this case, we will use an M3U link to play an IPTV service in the TiviMate app. 

4. TiviMate will ask for your M3U link. Enter your M3U link and press Next.

tapez l'URL de la liste de lecture m3u

5. TiviMate will load the IPTV service and offer an overview of the number of channels and movies available in the IPTV package.

liste de lecture traitée

6. Add a playlist name.

nom de la liste de lecture

7. If the playlist processing is complete, select Done.

liste de lecture m3u

A minute or two later, you will see the content from the IPTV service appear in the TiviMate app.

Our IPTV comes with a dedicated EPG (Electronic Program Guide) as shown below.

écran d'accueil du lecteur tivimate iptv

If you don’t see EPG enabled in the TiviMate app, consider enabling it in the app settings.

epg sur tivimate

comment utiliser le lecteur tivimate iptv sur firestick

As I mentioned above, the main features of TiviMate are behind a paywall. You have to pay for the premium version to enjoy TiviMate to its fullest potential.

When you try to access a premium feature without a premium account, TiviMate will ask you to upgrade to the premium version. For example, when you try to add a channel to your favorites list, TiviMate prompts you to update the app. If you want to continue with the free version, you can click Cancel and continue using the free TiviMate app on FireStick.

To purchase the premium version, you must use the TiviMate Companion app from the Google Play Store. Here’s how.

1. Download “IPTV Smarters Pro” (Click here).

2. Launch the “IPTV Smarters Pro” Application.

3. Select the option “Add Your Playlist (via XC API)“.

4. Click on “ADD USER“.

5. Enter your received credentials provided by us (XTREAM Code: Username, Password, URL).

6. Click on “ADD USER” Button.

7. Click on the added user and enjoy watching IPTV with us.

1. Open the “Google Play” Application.

2. In the “Google Play“, search and download the “IPTV Smarters Pro” Application.

3. Launch the “IPTV Smarters Pro” Application.

4. Select the option “Add Your Playlist (via XC API)“.

5. Click on “ADD USER“.

6. Enter your received credentials provided by us (XTREAM Code: Username, Password, URL).

7. Click on “ADD USER” Button.

8. Click on the added user and enjoy watching IPTV with us.

1. Make sure your MAC address was registered at our server, Flixytv.

2. When the box is being loaded, the main portal screen appears. After that, click on “settings”, press remote button “SETUP/SET”. 

3. Go to the Setting menu. Click on System settings and click on “Servers”.

4. Select “Portals”.

5. In the “Portal 1 name” line, enter the name of sever Flixytv.

6. In the “Portal 1 URL” enter the portal address that we send it to you. Please double-check all characters.

7. When all the operations listed above are done, then press “OK”.

8. When all the steps listed above are done, press ”EXIT2 times on the remote control and restart the portal, Now everything is ready to start watching Live TV.

Download ‘STB Emulator’ from the Google Play Store here.

Install and load the ‘STB Emulator’ app and you will see your ‘MAC address’ on the screen.

Open Stb Emulator App

Choose The Menu Button Or Hold The Ok Button On The Remote, Then Choose Settings

Under Common Settings, Scroll And Select Network Settings

Check “Enable Network”, Then Click Back

Scroll And Select Profiles, Then New Profile On The Right Side

Choose Profile Name

Change The Profile Name As You Wish, Then Choose Ok

Select Portal Settings

Choose Url (Portal Url)

Remove The Default Url And Enter In The Portal Url The Portal Address Sent By Your Iptv Provider, Choose Ok, Then Click Back

Choice Of Stb Configuration

Choose Mac Address

Please Tell Us This Mac Address

Using The Menu Button Or Holding The Ok Button On Your Remote, Open The Right Side Menu, Scroll And Select Profile, Then Choose Server

The Stb Emulator App Will Then Begin To Connect To The Server

1. Open “Firestick Home“.

2. Click on the “Settings icon“.

3. Select “My Fire TV“.

4. Choose “Developer Options“.

5. Click on “Apps from Unknown Sources“.

6. Click on “Turn On“.

7. Navigate back to the home page and select the “Find” menu.

8. Click on the “Search” option.

9. Type “Downloader” and select it from the list.

10. Select the “Downloader” icon.

11. Click on “Download” and wait for the app to install.

12. Wait until the download is completed.

13. Click on “Open” to run the Downloader app.

14. Once the downloader opens, click on “Allow”.

15. A prompt will be displayed, click “OK”.

16. By default, “Home” tab would be open with a text box displayed on the right side.

17. Now click on the “URL bar” and enter this URL: https://www.iptvsmarters.com/smarters.apk and click “Go“. This is the link for the “latest IPTV Smarters Pro Version“.

18. The app will be downloaded in a while.

19. Hit the “Install” button.

20. The app is successfully installed. You can open it now, but I suggest clicking “Done” for now.

21. Click “Delete” to delete the APK file of IPTV Smarters Pro as it is no longer needed on the FireStick device.

22. Click “Delete” again to confirm the action.

23. Long-press the “Home button” on your FireStick remote and click on “Apps”.

24. Scroll down and select the “IPTV Smarters Pro icon” among all your other apps.

25. Click 3 horizontal lines on the right corner of the screen (menu button). Now click the “Move to front” option to place the app on the main screen.

26. Open “IPTV Smarters Pro“.

27. Select the option “Add Your Playlist (via XC API)“.

28. Click on “ADD USER“.

29. Enter your received credentials provided by us (XTREAM Code: Username, Password, URL).

30. Click on “ADD USER” Button.

31. Click on the added user and enjoy watching IPTV with us.

In this tutorial, you will discover how to install your IPTV subscription on your Amazon Fire Stick OR TV Cube via the XCIPTV PLAYER application,
You just need to follow the steps below:

1- Install the Downloader app from your App Store (Amazon App Store)
and enable apps from unknown sources in your device settings

2- Launch Downloader

3- Once the application is launched, you will see this screen below,
you will have a DEVICE ID and a DEVICE KEY, keep these in view.

3. Click Allow.


3. Cliquez sur Autoriser.


4. Click OK.


5. Place your cursor in the URL box and click the OK button on your remote to open the keyboard.


6. Type the following URL exactly as shown here troypoint.com/xc and click Go.


7. Wait for the file to download.


8. Click Install.


9. Click Done.


10. Launch XCIPTV and have your XTREAM API codes that you received by email just after buying your IPTV subscription


11. Fill in the fields with the codes you received :

– 1st Box the small link in your XTREAM CODE (NOT THE M3U LINK)
– 2nd Box the Username that appears in your XTREAM CODE
– 3rd Box the Password which is in your XTREAM CODE
– Then finally click on SIGN IN.


12. Click Allow.


13. Wait a minute or two for the media content to load.


Here you are connected and can now enjoy all the channels, films, series included in your IPTV subscription.


Go through the three parts below to get TiviMate on FireStick.

Part 1: Get Downloader on FireStick

1. Open the FireStick home screen.

2. Go to the Search menu.

tivimate pour firestick

3. Select Search at the top.

sélectionnez Rechercher

4. It will open a virtual keyboard on your FireStick.

clavier virtuel sur firestick

5. Start typing Downloader. Select Downloader when it appears among the suggestions below the keyboard.

sélectionner le téléchargeur

6. Select the Downloader app, which you can recognize by its orange background. Then, on the next screen, select the Get or Download button.

installer le téléchargeur

Installing the Downloader app on your FireStick will take a minute. Before you open the Downloader app to install TiviMate APK, you need to make changes in the FireStick settings menu. Otherwise, you will receive errors during installation.

Part 2: Change FireStick Settings

1. Press the home button on your FireStick remote.

2. Go to the settings gear on the far right.

ouvrir les paramètres

3. Scroll down and select My Fire TV.

mon menu fire tv

4. Choose Developer Options.

sélectionner les options du développeur

5. Find apps from unknown sources. By default, it is disabled. Select it to activate it.

applications de sources inconnues

You can now comfortably sideload any application installer file (APK) onto the FireStick without any hassle. Follow the steps below to install TiviMate APK on the FireStick using the Downloader app.

Part 3: Use Downloader to Install TiviMate on FireStick

1. Access the Applications menu from the FireStick home.


2. Open the Downloader app and check the Enter URL box on the home screen.

télécharger tivimate apk avec l'application de téléchargement

3. It will open a virtual keyboard. Type https://shorturl.at/nrBS9 and press Go at the bottom.


4. The downloader will install the latest TiviMate APK on your FireStick. It’s about 11MB.

télécharger TiviMate apk sur firestick

5. Click Install when prompted.

installer tivimate sur firestick

6. After installation, delete the APK from your device.


I suggest our readers delete the APK file on the FireStick because it’s no longer useful – we’ve already used it to install TiviMate. In general, I advise you to keep your FireStick free of unnecessary files and media. Insufficient storage will cause poor performance across the entire device.

That’s it, you have successfully installed the TiviMate APK on your FireStick. You are now ready to enjoy hundreds of live channels, movies and TV series on the FireStick. Before discussing the application, let’s make a quick adjustment for our convenience.

TiviMate IPTV Player is an addictive application. You are likely to use the app frequently. I advise you to place the application directly on the FireStick home screen for easy access. Follow the steps below to do so.

1. Press and hold the home button on your FireStick remote.

2. Select Apps on the next screen.

rubrique applications

3. Scroll down to TiviMate IPTV Player but don’t select it. Instead of selecting it, press the options button on your FireStick remote.

sélectionner l'icône tivimate

4. You will find Move option on the right side. Select it.

déplacer l'application tivimate

5. Move TiviMate to the top row, then press the Select button on your remote to confirm the new location.


6. You can now comfortably access TiviMate Player from your FireStick home screen. There is no need to go through a menu each time.

ouvrir tivimate sur firestick

1. First we will install the Downloader application

This app will help you sideload IPTV Smarter on FireStick (because browser downloads are not allowed)

You can also read our detailed guide on how to download apps on FireStick with Downloader

2. Click the Search > Search option on the FireStick home screen

iptv intelligents sur firestick

3. Type the app name (which is Downloader)
Click the Downloader option when it shows up in the search results
Choose the Downloader icon on the next screen and download and install the app

installer iptv smarters sur fire stick

4. Return to the FireStick home screen after installing the Downloader app.
In the menu bar, click Settings

comment installer des smarters iptv sur Firestick

5. In the settings, choose the My Fire TV option

iptv intelligents

6. When the next set of options appear on the next screen, click Developer Options

Smart IPTV pour Firestick

7. Click Install from Unknown Apps

télécharger les smarters iptv sur Firestick

8. Click Downloader to change the status to ON

iptv intelligents

With this, you have configured the FireStick settings to allow the installation of IPTV Smarters and other third party apps. Follow the steps below:

9. You can now open the Downloader app
When you run this application for the first time, a set of prompts will appear. Ignore them until you see the next screen

On this screen, you need to click on the URL text box on the right side (make sure the Home option in the left menu is selected) where it says “http://”

comment obtenir des smarters iptv sur amazon firestick

10. Go ahead and enter the following path on this window: https://www.iptvsmarters.com/smarters.apk

Click GO

comment installer des smarters iptv sur Firestick

11. Give it a minute or two until the IPTV Smarter is downloaded to your FireStick device

telecharger des smarters iptv

12. Once the download is complete, the Downloader app will run the APK file and installation will begin

Click Install

étapes pour installer les smarters iptv

13. Wait for the installation to complete

comment utiliser les smarters iptv sur Firestick

14. Installation is complete with app installation notification

You can now choose to click OPEN and start with IPTV Smarters.

I recommend choosing DONE so you can delete the APK file first and save space on FireStick storage

configurer des smarters iptv sur Firestick

15. If you clicked DONE above, you will be back on the downloader interface

Click Delete.

Smart IPTV pour Firestick

16. Again click Delete

comment installer des smarters iptv sur firestick

Great ! You now have the IPTV Smarters app on FireStick.

It is mainly an OS (Operating System) version that you store on the set-top box
For example Enigma 2 there would be a variety of options
Each version will have many features and equal levels of stability

Plugins: these are addons that add additional functionality to the device

How to add IPTV channels to Enigma2 using XtreamTV

pluginYou will need to tell us the type of decoder box you have so that we can send you the address of the appropriate script with which you will automatically install the E2 plugin from the Telnet protocol with the DCCE2 or Putty program.

After logging into your box, go to the “FTP” section and change to this path “/var/temp/”.

On the right side navigate to where you saved the XtreamTV plugins and move them to the “temp” folder.

Now go to the “Telnet” section and paste the scripts that we will have communicated to you (according to the model of your box) and press “Enter”

After installing the XtreamTV plugin you run it from the “extensions browser” or the “main menu” of your receiver to activate the “mac address”.

You then give us this Mac address which will be used to create your line.

1. Download MyTVOnline 2 to connect with our service.

2. You have two options: add a portal or m3u (URL) playlist. You can set the nickname to any name you prefer.

3. Click “Connect”. Wait for a few minutes to connect to our service, and you will receive all the channels associated with your account.


This tutorial provides step by step instructions to install IPTV on Roku. Using a Roku device, we need to “load” the IPTV on the Roku device. The instructions below will require the use of a computer to download the IPTV app file and add it to your Roku streaming device.

If you are using another IPTV player like TiviMate, you can also watch IPTV on Roku by streaming to your Roku device. IPTV Smarters is one of the best IPTV players, compatible with hundreds of IPTV services that use server URL.

Anyway, let’s see how to install IPTV on Roku. I’ve split the instructions into four parts to make them easier to follow:

Part 1: Enable Developer Options on Roku
Part 2: Add IPTV Smarters Channel
Part 3: Download IPTV Smarters package to your computer
Part 4: Installing IPTV Smarters on Roku
Don’t worry, the process is easier than it looks. Let’s start.

Enable Developer Options on Roku

1. Launch your Roku by switching to its HDMI input on your TV.

2. Grab your Roku remote and press the following buttons in this order: Home Button x3, Up Arrow x2, Right Arrow x1, Left Arrow x1, Right Arrow x1, Left Arrow x1, Right arrow x1 .

3. If done correctly, the developer options menu will appear on your Roku TV screen.

comment regarder iptv sur roku

4. Write down the IP address shown on the screen.

comment installer iptv sur roku

5. Select Enable Installer and reboot (mine says Disable because I already did).

iptv sur roku

6. Scroll down the Developer Tools License Agreement and select I Agree.

7. Create a web server password using the keyboard that appears. You will need your web server password for a later step.

roku iptv

8. Select Set password and restart.

meilleur iptv pour roku

Part 2: Add Smarters IPTV Channel

1. Go to your computer and navigate to my.roku.com using any browser.

2. Enter your username and password for your Roku account, then click Submit.

service iptv pour roku

3. Once logged in, select Add a channel with a code, under Manage account.

meilleur roku iptv

4. Type iptvsmarters in the box. Make sure you typed it exactly as shown.

roku iptv

5. Select Add Channel to add it to your Roku.

ajouter une chaîne

6. Click OK on the warning message that appears.

boîte de dialogue d'avertissement

7. Select Yes, add channel in the next pop-up window.

iptv intelligents

ParPart 3: Download IPTV Smarters package on your computer

Now is the time to download the IPTV Smarters file to your computer.

1. Go to this link on your computer and the download should start automatically: https://www.whmcssmarters.com/clients/dl.php?type=d&id=108

Note: FireStickTricks.com does not host or distribute this APK. The link leads to the site where it is hosted.

2. Save the IPTV Smarters package to an accessible location on your computer (you will need to navigate to this location in a moment). I’ll save it to my desktop.

télécharger sur pc

Part 4: Install IPTV Smarters on Roku

1. On your computer, open any browser. In the address bar, enter your Roku’s IP address that you wrote down earlier.

2. A login box will appear. Type rokudev as username. For Password, enter the web server password you created earlier. Finally, click Connect.

installer des smarters iptv sur roku

3. Click Download on the next page.

installer des intelligents iptv

4. Navigate to the location where you downloaded the IPTV Smarters package (mine was my desktop). Select the downloaded folder and click Open.

roku iptv intelligents

5. Click Install once the file is downloaded.

installer roku iptv

6. If you see this screen, you did it right !

installateur d'applications de développement

7. Return to your Roku device and IPTV Smarters will be on TV.

écran de connexion iptv smarters sur roku

8. Simply login with your IPTV Smarters information and you are there !

Steps to Watch IPTV on Roku via Screen Mirroring

To stream IPTV to your Roku connected TV using screen mirroring, you need to install IPTV Smarters or Smart IPTV (a different IPTV player) on your smartphone. Once you have one of these two players, you can use the cast or mirror option on your device.

With the Cast/Mirror option, you can access your Roku TV content from any device on the same Wi-Fi network that uses the IPTV Player app.

1. In your device, go to: Settings > Setup > System Network Device > Setup Adapter > Settings And get your IP address it starts with, example : 192.168…. 

2. Go to your Windows PC and Download “Putty” Software.

3. Open “Putty“.

4. Add your “IP address” of your Device.

5. Add Port 23.

6. Click on open.

7. Your default login and password are “root”.

8. Copy your line ( you will get it after you order your subscription ) . Ex :

wget -O /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh “your m3u link” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh && /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh 

9. Press “ENTER“.

10. Restart your device after installation and enjoy watching IPTV with us.

1. For Windows:   Install the Application “IPTV Smarters Pro“. 

For Mac: Install the Application “IPTV Smarters Pro“.

2. Launch the “IPTV Smarters Pro” Application.

3. Select the option “Add Your Playlist (via XC API)“.

4. Click on “ADD USER“.

5. Enter your received credentials provided by us (XTREAM Code: Username, Password, URL).

6. Click on “ADD USER” Button.

7. Click on the added user and enjoy watching IPTV with us.


Launch your Kodi app and click on TV:

A message appears, asking you to install the “PVR IPTV Simple Client” addon, click OK:

Après, cliquez sur le bouton “Enter add-on browser” pour afficher la liste des addons : 

After, click on the “Enter add-on browser” button to display the list of addons:

The addon page appears on your screen, click on “Enable” to activate the addon:

Once our addon is activated, we click on “Configure”:

On the settings page, we choose on the “Location” part = “Remote Path (Internet Address), this option will allow us to put the link of our m3u file (it is recommended to choose Remote Path and not Local path to receive the playlist updates automatically:

After, we click on “m3u Play list URL” to put the link of our m3u file:

Paste or type your m3u link:

Afterwards, all you have to do is restart Kodi and launch PVR to take advantage of your subscription.

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